Zm-Jie Pretty Cure Poster

The logo (without Squid).

Zm-Jie Pretty Cure! (プリキュアスマイル Zm-Suguru wa Purikyua!?) is a 3D Japanese anime and also is a show. This is the 2nd Pretty Cure series was in this wiki, the first being Pretty Cure Play School. There not magical girls, there just magical animals!


Pretty Cures/Good Guys/AnimalsEdit

  • Sheep/Cure Wool
  • Cow/Cure Leather
  • Mooshroom/Cure Mushroom
  • Chicken/Cure Feather
  • Pig/Cure Saddle
  • Cat/Ocelot/Cure Fur (switches into 4 cat/ocelot skins)
  • Wolf/Cure Collar
  • Squid/Cure Sac (joins the team later)

Mascots and AilliesEdit

Villans/Bad Guys/Monsters/BugsEdit





Animal Henshin Device
The henshin device. To transform, the henshin device must to use the pen device to touch each colour checker until they light them up and shout ?.

Animal Dex
The dex that looks the same dex as Pokedex. This dex contins the Dex Manager, Options, Camera (can be in Print app), etc.

Animal Killing Machine
The killing machine. It will allow to kill a monster, a character, a Earth person other speices or random person faster.

Animal Watch The watch. This will show the clock (time) but will switched to any app in the main menu.



Animal Coins
A coin which will have a animal head coins. They spawn ramdomly in places. They have to collected them and buy or sell stuff otherwise it's gone!