Wolfcraft All-Stars: The Movie is a movie made by the Mojang. The special 5 minute movie is Wolfcraft All-Stars Live and Loaded.


The wild wolves turning evil and kills all the players. The tamed wolves was in the kennel and move to the Stormy Town with all those wolves. They talk to their grandparents, the king wolf and the queen wolf who was glad to see you. Then they talk to their parents, the prince wolf and the princess wolf.

The next day, the tamed wolves meets their children, their brother and sister wolves. Then they meet aunt wolf and uncle wolf. The two evil wolves are, evil king wolf and evil queen wolf died cause slained by the player. Now they look at the picture of evil king wolf and evil queen wolf so they miss them. Then they walked to the living room, visit the fireplace and they saw fire. Then the princess wolf said "Don't go on fire!" after that she say "woof woof".

Now the tamed wolves fall out and the slained grandparents came out of the grave and they grow bigger. Then alll the tamed wolves fall out into the Stormy World. Now the tamed wolves face thr Zombie Pigmans and the Zombies.