Who is Between Something is a comedy TV show.


Yoshi (from Yoshi's Island and Super Mario) finds a room for the girls but Yoshi is a boy but also he can lay eggs. First Yoshi meets Sayumi (from Morning Musume) but he also meet Marth (from Fire Emblem) but he could find someone. Now Yoshi and Sayumi became best friends but he do not want Marth to be best friends. Now he meet Risa (from Morning Musume) but all the Morning Musume members shout at Yoshi. Now he find Birdo (from Super Mario) so they will be couples.



  • Yoshi
  • Birdo


  • Hello! Project Members (but in episode 1, Yoshi and Sayumi became best friends but in episode 22, Birdo and Reina became best friends)




  • Yoshi x Sayumi (first time: episode 1)
  • Yoshi x Pingu (first time: episode 5)


  • Birdo x Marth (first time: episode 20) (but got married)
  • Birdo x Reina (first time: episode 22)


  1. I Want an Adult Girl! Yoshi and Sayumi Wants to be Best Friends!
  2. Yoshi's First Misson


  • Yoshi and Birdo could not be best friends since beginning but now they became couples.

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