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Truckee the Duck
Duck Icon for Tiny Pets
Full Name: Truckee the Duck
Species: Duck (maybe a Wild Duck)
Gender: Male
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First Appearacne: Tiny Pets
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Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Green (feathers)
Size: Regular

Truckee the Duck (トラッキーダック Torakkīdakku?) is one of the pets in Tiny Pets. He also appears in fanmade stuff. In the Pretty Cure Hamster series, he was captured by Kumai Yurina. He is the main character in Truckee's movie.


"Help! Yurina has captured me! Let me out of here!"
―Truckee the Duck, Futari wa Hamster


Falling into the QuackeryEdit

In Tiny Pets, when the Quackery has finish building, Truckee will drop into the Quackery but he misses his brother Omar.

Super Smash Bros. FearEdit

Truckee, Pingu's Family and everyone else miss Pingu. So we have to find their way to get Pingu back!

Pinga Bird, Inc.: Crash of the MonstersEdit

Truckee has gave him a dex and some devices.


Truckee was captured by Kumai Yurina, using her feather and tickles him and takes him in jail. Hamilton has to rescue him!


Tiny PetsEdit

Fanmade StuffEdit

In Pinga Bird, Inc.: Crash of the Monsters, Truckee will wear nothing as his main outfit, also he wears green and brown pyjamas while sleeping.

In Super Smash Bros. Full Wars, Truckee's appearance can be changed into a another outfit. But he can be only in HD and full versions.



  • Truckee and Robby the Seal are the only people/characters that are captured.
  • Truckee and Ogawa Saki are the only people that is mixed with their trans during Tiny Pets and S/mileage.




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