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  • Wada Ayaka as Sully the Dog
  • Maeda Yuuka as Terry the Yellow Cat
  • Fukuda Kanon as Hamilton the Hamster (recenty a villan in Pretty Cure Hamster)
  • Ogawa Saki as Truckee the Duck
  • Nakamishi Kana as Preston the Hedgehog
  • Takeuchi Akari as Lenny the Skunk
  • Katsuna Rina as Wade the Turtle
  • Tamura Meimi as Terrence the Panda


  • Sharon the Goldfish, Maggie the Labrador and the other pets are the only people/characters that didn't have a S/mileage trans.
  • In the anime Smile Pretty Cure Cosmic, Kanon has kicked Hamilton out.

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