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The free-to-play game that Earth people are only playable.


TV CommercialEdit


  • Voice 1: Here is the Earth people wants to visit to another place!
  • Vote 2: Will they come to the portal or they will leave?
  • Person: Alright! This is our portal to any place so remember! Don't say "Ninjas", OK? Understand?
  • Angry Birds: No.
  • Person: That's it, your Rick Roll!
  • Voice 3: Now the person will kill the angry birds!
  • Voice 1: Yes! They are!

(Kills the birds)

  • Person: Hello guys and gals! ONLY Earth people can join into the portal but you need the portal tickets. Are you ready to say 3, 2, 1?
  • Earth people: Yes.
  • Person: 3, 2, 1. Go! Go to the portal to see find out!

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