The Nightmare of Pinga is a scray movie. This movie stars Pinga.


When all the penguins and South Pole animals from South Pole has gone to Rio de Janerio and meets the Rio characters, Pinga is the only one sleeping and missed out so she throwed into the Fire Emblem World.

Pinga screams and all the enemies, bosses, monsters, ghosts, vampires and the Fire Emblem characters came to see her but she kelp screaming cause she missed out on holidays. First, King Pig attacks Pinga then Bowser attacks Pinga and last of all, Zombie attacks Pinga. The nightmare appears, and Pinga wants to go on holidays and Marth said "Sorry, you can't go on holidays to see Blu and Jewel, you stay with us!" and Pinga screams but ran away.

Pinga has sent to the prison and they spend her life. When all the swordmen came to see Pinga, she crys and screams. Then Fukuda Kanon (as in a hamster form) fights swordmen and tired to bite them.

Pinga sees Ike, going to attack her and throw it to Marth and Roy so they became friends. Then Zombie hits them to become rivals. When the Zombie met Fukuda Kanon (still in a hamster form) and bites her and ate her brains, then she dies.



  1. Pinga missed out on Holidays
  2. Pinga has visited Fire Emblem World!


  • The characters from Pingu did not appear but seen at the end of the movie.
  • Fukuda Kanon also appears in this movie, but she still a hamster. Then she was bited by a Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Pinga just went on holidays in Pingu in Rio.