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Super Creeper RPG: The Legend of Eight Heart is a RPG game based on the game, Minecraft. It will be released in TBA on Wii and 3DS.


Creeper sees the Sliverfish bite a stone now the Ender Dragon tooks him. Now Creeper went into Ender Dragon's Keep. Creeper must to find the eight hearts: A Red Heart, a Orange Heart, a Yellow Heart, a Green Heart, a Cyan Heart, a Blue Heart, a Purple Heart and a Pink Heart.

After the Ender Dragon's death, the Creeper moves to Luxury Town to see the villagers and the player from Minecraft. Now they talk to the king at the tower to see the facts of something.

First, the Creeper came to the Grassy Hills and meet a Spider, now the Spider joins the team. Then the Creeper came to the Smoke Cave and meet a Skeleton, now the Skeleton joins the team.

Now the team finds two more partners: A Ghast and a Silverfish. Now the team came to the Nether and meet a Ghast, now the Ghast join the team but it need one more partner left: A Silverfish.


Party MembersEdit

Minecraft Monster Group

Party Members

All the Minecraft monsters are now party members.
  • Creeper
  • Spider
  • Skeleton
  • Ghast
  • Silverfish


  • Villagers
  • Minecraft Player
  • King
  • Queen


  • Enderman
  • Zombie
  • Slime


  • Ender Dragon (after his death, he reborn in the End)


  • Luxury Town
    • Luxury Town School - The K-12 school.




  • D-Pad - Move
  • A - Jump
  • B - Run
  • + - Pause




  • Normal: Blow
  • Side: TNT
  • Up: Jump Blow
  • Down: Creep
  • Final: Blow Defeat


  • Normal: Bite
  • Side: Web
  • Up: Climb
  • Down: Gas
  • Final: Cave Spiders


  • Normal: Arrow Shoot
  • Side: Bone Throw
  • Up: Dance
  • Down: Part Attack
  • Final: Pack of Bones
  • Special: Spider Jockey




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