Scarface Claw

The main character and the toughest Tom Cat in town.


  • 1.0 - Game started
  • 1.1 - Add new animals, humans, etc. into the game
  • 1.2 - Add items and coins
  • 1.3 - Backgrounds can now have effect
  • 1.4 - Add lives, the game over screen and can save the game
  • 2.0 - Add water, lava and blocks can be now place or destroy
  • 2.1 - Add food, health, hunger and minigames
  • 2.2 - Add

TV ?Edit

Fail 1Edit

  • Lynley Dodd: Hairy Maclary, Scarface Claw and friends are back!
  • Hairy Maclary: Woof! (Yeah!)
  • Lynley Dodd: Which one who was there? Ogawa Saki? Yes it was!
  • Ogawa Saki: Cause you are very bad at the cats and Scarface Claw! (speaks Japanese)
  • Scarface Claw: Meow! (You f**k Ogawa Saki!)
  • Lynley Dodd: Give us our fail!
  • Female Voice: Yes! They failed for the first time! CUT!

(cameras off)


(Hairy Maclary theme)

  • Scarface Claw: Meow! (What are you doing?)
  • Miss Plum: Are you going to space.
  • Scarface Claw: Meow! (Yes! I do!)
  • Lynley Dodd: Who is out in space? Who is in another planet?

(Angry Birds Space theme)

  • Lynley Dodd: It is in Scarface Space!
  • Female Voice: Coming on PC, iOS and more!


  • Ogawa Saki also appears in this game but she will attack Scarface Claw.