Opening Song: Get Ready to Wiggle

The Wiggles are driving in the Big Red Car but S/mileage steals it and the seats: Ogawa Saki takes Greg's seat, Wada Ayaka takes Anthony's seat, Maeda Yuuka takes Murray's seat and Fukuda Kanon takes Jeff's seat. The Wiggles gets angry and they go to the Cars and Buses Shop to buy the Big Red Bus.

Song 1: Here comes the Wiggles

Greg drives it then fell into the sea then meets Henry the Octopus what to do that S/mileage steals the Big Red Car and can't get it back. Then they meet Captain Feathersword what happens then they meet Wags the Dog to tell who steals the Big Red Car then the Wiggles trip over and hurts then Officer Beaples appears that S/mileage steals the Big Red Car that they are too young to drive and needs to be a adult. Then they meet Dorothy the Dinosaur to tell what happens.

Song 2: Here comes a Bear

Jeff fells asleep but S/mileage came back and grabs him then the Wiggles was still angry, then Greg drives to get Jeff and the Big Red Car back before they stole it forever. The Wiggles try and grab Fukuda Kanon and place Jeff into the seat but Ogawa Saki stills stole it.

Song 3: Hot Potatos

Captain Feathersword finds the Big Red Car but he spin in circles then gets dizzy, then Officer Beaples came back and tells him. The Wiggles gets back home before they trapped in a cave.

Song 4: Fruit Salad


  • Greg Page as Greg Wiggle
  • Anthony Field as Anthony Wiggle
  • Murray Cook as Murray Wiggle
  • Jeff Fatt as Jeff Wiggle and Henry the Octopus
  • Wada Ayaka as Fake Anthony Wiggle
  • Maeda Yuuka as Fake Murray Wiggle
  • Fukuda Kanon as Fake Jeff Wiggle
  • Ogawa Saki as Fake Greg Wiggle
  • Emma Pask as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Paul Paddick as Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog
  • Katherine Patrick as Officer Beaples

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