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Pretty Cure Hamster is a series. This series almost have a mix of Pretty Cure, Tiny Pets and Hello! Project.



  • Fresh HamsterGo to Fresh Hamster
  • Heartcatch HamsterGo to Heartcatch Hamster
  • Suite HamsterGo to Suite Hamster
  • Smile HamsterGo to Smile Hamster



Heroes and Ailles (Good Guys)Edit

  • Hamilton the Hamster - The main character.
  • Marty the Hamster - Hamilton's best friend.
  • Jerry Mouse - The only person/character that doesn't have a alter ego. Hamilton can help him to use his attack.
  • Blue Bird - Hamilton's helper that can save any missing people/characters.
  • Pretty Cures - The cures that will attack and kill the villans faster.

Other/Minor Heroes and Aillies (Minor Good Guys)Edit

  • Pip the Chick - The 1st minor character. He can lay eggs and create/make/paint eggs to any hero.
  • Kumail the Penguin - The 2nd minor character. He can throw snowballs and he can even ride a sled. He could be Kumail the Snowman!
  • Drumstick - The 3rd minor character. He can attack with his chicken leg at any villan.


  • Bowser - The villan and later he will became a hero.
  • Bowser Jr. - Bowser's younger kid.
  • Koopalings - Bowser's kids.
  • Tom Cat - The villan and later he will became a hero and can help Hamilton's best friend Marty.

Villans (Bad Guys)Edit

Other/Minor Villans (Minor Bad Guys)Edit

  • Mano Erina - She will attack Hamilton if she use her powers.
  • Kitahara Sayaka - She will attack Marty if she use her powers.
  • Tanaka Reina - She will swing and throw Blue Bird if she use her powers.
  • Ogawa Saki - She will kill all of the Pretty Cures if she use her powers.
  • Hello! Project Flag - Now became very angry. Hamilton could reach the flag.




Hamilton and his Family

Hamilton, Marty, Mother, Brother and Sister (without Father)

  • Hamilton's Mother (cooks recipes)
  • Hamilton's Brother
  • Hamilton's Sister
  • Hamilton's Father (works at the shops)
  • Lance the Hamster (A.K.A. Hamilton's Soulmade)




  • Robby the Seal - He was captured by Maeda Irori's capture.
  • Truckee the Duck - He was captured by Kumai Yurina's tickle and capture.
  • Boston the Blue Dog (tameable)
  • Barry the Bat (tameable)
  • ??? the Brown Rabbit (tameable)


  • Pinga - She was killed by Fukuda Kanon's bite.
  • Marth - He was killed by Niigaki Risa's bite.
  • Roy - He was killed by Suzuki Airi's bite.




Heroes and AilliesEdit






Theme SongsEdit

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