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Pink Panther is the main character in The Pink Panther. He also appears in fanmade stuff. In many fanon stuff, he call people wrong names or surnames, if he do the wrong thing, he will paint it in black to be a Black Panther. Finally, he was deceased by Suzuki Kanon in The Dreams of Black Bird: The Bad Death of Animals.



Called by Names or Surnames by HimselfEdit

When he creep at each other, he changed someone's names or surnames. Someone got angry and paint him into black.

Rescuing PingaEdit

Pink Panther and the others was pulling Pinga to stop the Fire Emblem characters became friends, this time, Pinga was happy getting Pingu's family.


Pink Panther was painted by someone, turning him into a Black Panther with black paint.


Pink Panther was killed by Suzuki Kanon, using her chainsaw to chop his head off. The Janitor was happy by his death.

He was sent to Hell.