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Pinga Bird Wikia is a fan-faction like Fanon Wiki, Fantendo Wiki (Nintendo Fanon Wiki), Sega Fanon Wiki or other fanon wikias that anyone can edit! There are 143 pages since 27 October 2011. If you like to visit the company, please visit Pinga Bird, Inc.. Make sure, make anyone can see it! Please buy it at the Pinga Bird Shop Wiki!

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Wiki Policies

Please do not add anything of any sort. Things includes:

  • Inserting false information
  • Adding Youtube Poop and banned things
  • Writing/Making rube words
  • Etc.

It will result in a warning, and, if done multiple times, a block/ban will result for a certain period of time.
Make sure you make your own things:

  • People (such as Characters, Members, Enemies, Species and Bosses)
  • Locations
  • Items
  • Etc.

You can also make your own series!
If there is a vandal, go here to report it.
If you would like to go to other fanon wikis and make your own, here are some excellent places:

... but you can also go to the series fanon wikis as well! But you can go to the based-wikis:

Please be aware of the Pinga Bird Wiki Staff. Members/Users are listed here and you can see users and stuff!
And remember, you must to read all the rules here before you create/edit!

Happy editing!


Other Contents (Misc. Contents)

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Stuffs are called things, stuffs are working by a person or other people, here is the list (so remember, do not spam these stuff):

Title Bio
TV Shows and Movies Discover about TV Shows and Movies! There are also discover about channels!
Games and Video Games Discover about Games and Video Games!
Books and Comics Discover about Books and Comics!
Anime and Manga Discover about Anime and Manga!
Music Discover about Music! There are also discover about bands, groups and solos!
People Discover about People!
Internet Discover about Internet!
Videos Discover about Videos! You can upload to Youtube, Facebook or any other video website!
Fanmade Stuff Discover about fanamde stuff! You can also be edit by putting the fanmade stuffs! And also you need to create your own!
Youtube Poop and Banned Things This one is not discovered and don't put anything that is from Youtube Poop and Banned Things or they will blocked you.

The main stuff is Series. Here are the list of stuff:

Random Article

Random Person/Character
Mico the PenguinMico the Penguin
This section selects a person/character randomly from the Pinga Bird, Inc. Click on the image to view this article.


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Did you know?

  • ... that the Villager is the only mob from Minecraft is a human. The first being Humans from Minecraft (already removed).
  • ... ?


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  • Maroon/Dark Red - Anonymous User/IP Address
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