Pinga Bird Galaxy
Pinga Bird Galaxy is a game by the Pinga Bird, Inc.. Pinga is the only used character that appears in a game, the other used people creates a cameo and also the Piranha Plant appears as a King. Pinga will be the main character, Jian Jie Ooi will be the villan and Pip, Kumail and Drumstick became the last people/characters that will joined in the Feather Team.


The cosmic belts flys in a space. Then the Milky Way galaxy grew poorer and weaker. But the Jian Jie galaxy grew bigger as the other galaxies.

Pinga has a dream and fell into the Pinga Bird World. They met all the fanon people and the Piranha King sees them to help the cosmic belts but they saw Jian Jie Ooi! Jewel and a human has seen at the bridge but they ran away and return to Earth to help get the Milky Way Galaxy back. All of them must to get the Milky Way Galaxy back before they dies! Cindy Nguyen and her friends must to kill Jian Jie Galaxy!



  • Pinga (from Pingu)
  • Pinga Bird
  • Pingu Bird
  • Wakgi the Elf Penguin
  • Mico the Penguin
  • PinguIsCute (Pingu Bird's Girlfriend)
  • PinguIsTheMan (Pinga Bird's Grandfather)
  • Rainbow Penguins
  • Banana Mario (Mario's Banana form)
  • Teddy Roll (Light Roll's Teddy Bear form)
  • Pinky the Banana
  • Pinkblack the Teddy Bear

Other HeroesEdit

  • Pip the Chick (from Tiny Pets)
  • Kumail the Penguin (from Tiny Pets)
  • Drumstick (from Diddy Kong Racing)



  • Cosmic Belts (from Real)
  • Piranha King (from Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • Cindy Nguyen
  • Eric Bui


  • Jian Jie Ooi
  • King Pig (from Angry Birds)



  • Pingu (from Pingu)
  • Pingu's Family (Mother, Father and Grandfather) (from Pingu)


  • Jewel (from Rio)



  • Milky Way Galaxy - The good galaxy. At the beginning, they grew poorer and weaker.
  • Jian Jie Galaxy - The bad galaxy. At the end, they destroyed and killed and they bring the Milky Way Galaxy back and changed back to normal.


  • Wavy Grass Galaxy
  • Dry Desert Galaxy
  • Sea Splash Galaxy
  • Hot City Galaxy
  • Sky Cloud Galaxy




Powers and AttacksEdit

  • Pinga
    • Normal: Toy Attack
    • Side: Little Kick
    • Up: Egg Attack
    • Down: Up and Down Dance
    • Final: Giant Penguin Transformation
  • Pinga Bird
    • Normal: Homing Attack (same as Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Side: Star Spin
    • Up:
    • Down:
    • Final: Messing Paint


  • Blocks

Special ItemsEdit

  • Small Sled (only for Pinga)
  • Flower Sled (only for Pinga Bird)
  • Koi Fish (only for Pingu Bird)


  • Coins
  • Cash
  • Trophies
  • Stickers
  • CDs
  • Gemstones


There are only 15 chapters in this game.

# Title Galaxy
1 Pinga's Dreams
"Pin ga no yume"
Milky Way Galaxy
2 Travel to the Bad Galaxy!
"Warui gyarakushī e no tabi!"
Jian Jie Galaxy
3 Grasses and Dirt! Wavy Flower of Love!
"Kusa ya dāto! Ai no hajō no hana!"
Wavy Grass Galaxy
4 Deserts and Poison Lizards! The Flower Sound is a Blue Screen of Death!
"Sabaku ya doku tokage! Kanon wa shi no burūsukurīndesu!"
Dry Desert Galaxy
5 Sea Splash Galaxy
6 Hot City Galaxy
7 Sky Cloud Galaxy
8 Snowy and Icy Galaxy
9 Piper Stone Galaxy
10 Giant Land Galaxy
11 Clocky Time Galaxy
12 Mount Campground Galaxy
15 Lava Grounds Galaxy



  • Pinga (from Pingu), Pip the Chick (from Tiny Pets), Kumail the Penguin (from Tiny Pets) and Drumstick (from Diddy Kong Racing) are the only people/characters that creates an appearance in this game.
  • Pip the Chick (from Tiny Pets), Kumail the Penguin (from Tiny Pets) and Drumstick (from Diddy Kong Racing) are the only people/characters that the name has changed: Pip (Lemmy), Kumail (Tyler) and Drumstick (Kevin). Pinga will have the same name as from Pingu but she will have lighter skin.
  • Although Bajoo (from Pingu), the limited people/characters, Marth (from Fire Emblem) and Roy (from Fire Emblem) are the only people/characters that did not appear in this game. Pingi (from Pingu) doesn't appear until the 12th chapter.