Pinga, Marth and Roy has captured by Duke Spendington and animals, monsters and other speices has captured by King Pig. Humans, elves and mushroom-head toads is screaming and they all captured by Green Robots (without logos!) except for Ogawa Saki who was captured by Nigel.

Pinga, Marth and Roy has moved to the TinyLand and lands onto the TinyLand Jail Building, all the speices has screamed, at the GiantLand, all the humans, elves and mushroom-head toads has land onto the GiantLand Jail Building, there is one person who is in another room: Ogawa Saki who was taking by Nigel. Everyone shrinks and their powers are weak so we cannot kill bosses and minibosses.

Everyone has to find their way to get back to Earth and other planets.





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