The Creepers walks around the track and sits in a kart. All the Minecraft players and mobs, Pingu characters and Mario characters has to race againest a host/bunch of people from other stuff. The race has to beat your scores and win.

Game ModesEdit

  • Singleplayer
    • Grand Prix
    • Time Trial
    • VS.
    • Battle
      • Balloon Battle
      • Shine Battle
      • Coin Battle
    • Mission
    • Adventure (unlocked by defeat the Enderdragon)
  • Multiplayer
    • Multi-Card Play
    • Single-Card Play
  • Records
  • Options
  • Wi-Fi


Racers (Playable)Edit

All the people (such as characters, members, etc.) from stuff are return also the fanmade people has not been playable.

Helpers (Non-Playable)Edit

All the fanmade people are return and became helpers.


  • Enderdragon (from Minecraft) (only appears in Mission Finale)






You can custom your own kart just like Mario Kart 7.


The five weight classes are:

  • Feather
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Cruiser
  • Heavy


Coin CollectEdit

To win the game, you must to collect all the coins (maybe random).

Numbered GatesEdit

To win, you must to get into the gate.

Turdo RaceEdit

To win, you must to do a numbered of turdos.

Racer vs. RacerEdit

To win, you must to beat a racer in one lap.

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