At night, on the day of 26 October, King Boo was in a castle and all the stuff throw outside. The boos come out and see him to laugh. Then Pinga captured in a cage and screams.

The next day, on the day of 27 October, everyone brought the costume, except for Marth, Roy and Pinga. The Blue Birds has brought 3 costumes too. They they add sweets to the basket.

That night, the zombies are come out to kill people without costumes. Then they eat brains to the trees. All the enemies, monsters and bosses came to ask the zombies if they want to kill the people without costume. Lastly, Pinga has escaped the cage.

The next day, on the day of 28 October, Red Bird asks Bill Gates with his costume on for his birthday. Later, the creeper creeped on Marth, Roy and Pinga to kill them. Then they all scream at enemies, monsters and bosses.

The next day, on the 29 October, everyone take our costumes off because of King Boo, then they fight King Boo to defeat him. The Black Bird attacks King Boo first, then Mario kicks King Boo and finally Pip the Chick drops a Egg Bomb to King Boo.



  1. The Day of the 26 October: King Boo's Stuff
  2. The Day of the 27 October: The Costumes has Brought (Part 1)
  3. The Day of the 27 October: The Costumes has Brought (Part 2)
  4. The Day of the 28 October: Marth, Roy and Pinga has No Costume On
  5. The Day of the 29 October: The Halloween Fight
  6. The Day of the 30 October: Almost Trick and Treat
  7. The Day of the 31 October: Time for Sweets for a Happy Halloween
  8. The Day of the 1 November: The First Fall is Here


  • Marth, Roy and Pinga are the only people that does not have a costume. At the end of the movie, they died by Zombie's attack then they bacame ghosts. Enemies, bosses and monsters are also does not have a costume.
  • Blue Birds are the only people that has 3 costumes.