• Creeper: Ssssssssssssss

They blew up and go "Boom!"

  • Steve: Where is my pick?!
  • Pinga Bird: STOP IT!
  • Steve: Hello?

Steve screams and say "Hello!" again in a loud voice

(Opening Theme)

  • Villager: Steve! Wake up! What are you doing?
  • Pingu Bird: He's on their way!
  • Steve: Shut the f*** up!

Pingu Bird turns into Pingu

  • Steve: What?
  • Minecraft Mobs: Where here!
  • Villager: A Hello! Project songwriter is here! Go and see him!
  • Steve: OK!
  • Everyone from Stuff: Guys! Look!
  • Steve: Oh!
  • Mario: I give you a pasta!
  • Steve: Guys! Come and see Notch!

They walk into the show

  • Pingu: Nug Nug!
  • Steve: Be quiet!
  • Notch: Guys and Gals! Hello!
  • Steve: It's Notch!
  • Notch: We are talking a new TV selection!
  • Steve: Oh!
  • Spider: Hay! Have a look!
  • Squid: Wow!
  • Steve: Squid! What are you doing here?
  • Villager: A Hello! Project songwriter is not here yet!
  • Steve: What else?

The bell rings

  • Notch: Hurry! Go to class!

(Eyecatch: Steve runs into the house and sleeps, everyone from stuff shouts "Steve! Wake up!" then the logo appears and Steve says "Will be back!"

Eyecatch: Steve jumps into the show and sees everyone from stuff and Steve falls to everyone then the logo appears and Steve says "Back to the movie!")

  • Notch: I am a creator of Minecraft so shut up!
  • Steve: What the?
  • Yoshi: Yoshi!
  • Notch: Yoshi! Your not a mob of Minecraft!
  • Zombie Pigman: Oh! I like porkchops.
  • Steve: Here there are!

Steve selects everyone from stuff to remove everything and everyone disappears

  • Notch: Goodbye! I hate you!
  • Steve: Wait!

Notch came back to the Mojang team

  • Steve: Come on guys! Let's find Notch!
  • Cow: Wait a minute!
  • Mooshroom: We lost our way!
  • Steve: Come on.

Steve and the mobs walks and flys along to return to Luxury Town

  • Steve: Hello Villagers!
  • Villagers: Hello!
  • Steve: What a great day!
  • Pig: Shut up!
  • Zombie: Arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh! Brains!
  • Steve: Shss!
  • Squid: I like food. I'm hungry.

Steve and the mobs came into the House

  • Steve: To the kitchen!

They came to the kitchen

  • Steve: Guys! Eat food and drink milk!
  • Ocelot: Meow!
  • Steve: You shut up!

A flash appears but sees a person/character

  • Hamilton the Hamster: My name is Hamilton and I gonna kill you.
  • Steve: No!
  • Hamilton the Hamster: Hahahaha!
  • Steve: You can't say the animal sounds!



  • Steve (A.K.A Mr. Minecraft, Player or Human) is the main person/character of this movie.