No one is having a dex and some devices! Pingu is going shopping to buy a dairy so he can read and write it.

Later, Pinga was appeared in a jungle by leaving the heaven and makes a rebirth and Pingu saw and hunt her then it became Pingu's sister. Next, Kumail the Penguin said "I don't think you are a chick!", and they spawn all penguins and everyone from stuff came (except for Marth, Roy, Tom Cat, Sora and most of the enemies and bosses) but there were...

Robots! Pingu has to take Pinga home and back to South Pole and she will have a rest. When there are in the jungle, Pingu came back and the battle starts.


  • Only one main character is Pingu, a main character of Pingu and he always reads his dairy.
  • Pingu is the only person/character is hunting Pinga. Pinga will be appear but creates a cameo as rebirth.
  • Tom Cat and Sora are the only people/characters that was been sick by having a rest of their dreams. Both have a absent in this movie until the next movie.