Pinga Bird, Inc.: Crash of the Monsters (also known as Super Smash Bros. Crash of the Monsters) is a movie. There are only two stuff for a game Super Smash Bros. Full Wars and a TV show Super Smash Bros. Fear.


Everyone has ran off to the city and all of the enemies from each world has came, now most people has gave the dex and some devices and they have came to a another world or Heaven (Aether) or Hell (Nether) or Void (End) or other places but not ready yet. The 3 people in a ship has been looking for some people.

Red Bird is having a dex and some items but can look at it but he's going to have a look of Options. Two of them is taking down to the moon and a monster came but a person is saved to the ship.

The first wave is ready, some people take in another world and fight. Some people has attacked to send to the hospital, some people has defeated to send to the cage or the jail, some people has killed by death to the enemies' body by not getting the dex and some devices and some people has saved from the enemies.

In the Stronghold, the Tom and Jerry characters are fighting Silverfishs, Tom Cat has attacked to transform into a statue and everyone else saved then they took the statue but there is one person came... Spike said "It's Sayaka!" then most of the Silverfishs came in a Monster Spawner. Spike said "Is she from Morning Musume or she became a solo?"


NOTE: There are 5 people that has losted with death or disqualification.






Dex Manager

The dex manager inside the dex but it looks like Program Manager.

  • Marth, Roy and Pinga are the only people who did not gave a dex and some devices due by death.
  • 3 people (Erina Ikuta, Red Bird and Steve (Mr. Minecraft, Player or Human) are the only people are main people due has live in a ship.
  • The items are the dex (just like the Pokedex but has a Dex Manager ang there is a computer icon) and the devices.
  • Pinga Bird, Inc. losted 5 people, due to their death or disqualification: Marth (deceased by Enderdragon's attack), Roy (deceased by Skeleton's arrow shoot), Pinga (deceased by Duke Spendington's TNT explosion, Tom Cat (became scared by Silverfish's attack and transforms him into a statue, but was founded revived in a Stronghold) and Sora (became jealous and furious by the Ghast's fireball attack and miss it then broke his sword and ran off).