These players are private so they will cheat, if you buy it, the game will get a "oops" message, crash, internet not connected or go back to level 1. These are:

  • Any Asian People or Asian Characters (such as Hello! Project, Hello Kitty, Elsword, etc.) = "Opps" Message
  • New Characters/People (such as Angry Birds Space, Tiny Monsters, etc.) = Crash
  • All Fanon Characters/People or School People = Internet Not Connected
  • Dead People, Enemies or Villains = Go Back to Level 1



Enemies and VillainsEdit





  1. Welcome



Glitches and CheatsEdit


Prank Glitch

The prank glitch

  • Fail - Buy Jesus and then finish it faster and then the game will fail. To fix, sell him. (WARNING: The game will be over)
  • Ban - Buy Scarface Claw and then finish it faster, after that, report a player that they did not delight and then press the ban button to ban. To fix, sell him.
  • Prank - Buy My Melody or Ogawa Saki and then wait for it to finish, after that, meet Birdo and then attack anyone in one damage and then it will prank. To fix, sell both.
  • Defeat Enemies and Villains - Do not buy private players then find the enemies or villains to defeat it faster. To fix, get away from it then go back home.
  • Warning - Buy Elsword and then find a sword or blade to get it and then meet Link, find Red Bird and then buy a sword and then it will get a warning. To fix, sell him.
  • "Oops" Message - Buy any Asian people or Asian characters and then it will give you a message. To fix, sell them.
  • Crash - Buy any new characters/people and then it will crash. To fix, sell them.
  • Internet Not Connected - Buy any fanon characters/people or school people and then the internet will be not connected forever. To fix, sell them.
  • Level 1 - Buy Dead People, Enemies or Villains and then will go back to level 1. To fix, sell them and then buy a rainbow flower.


  • Unlock - Go to the game then find the code button, then type it and after that, you need to exit, find the cheating program and then install the hacks edition and then come back. (WARNING: Everything can be unlocked and buy it)
  • Max. Coins - Same as Unlock
  • Max. Notes - Same as Unlock