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Pika Cats! is a adventure-puzzle game. This is the only game has elements for the Pika Cats. You CAn Hack It The Hackin Tool Is Catser



Quicker Pika Creative

Quicker Pika, the 2nd cat

  • Normal Pika
  • Quicker Pika
  • Fire Pika
  • Water Pika
  • Earth Pika
  • Thunder/Lightning Pika
  • Light Pika
  • Air Pika
  • Snow/Ice Pika
  • Cookie Pika
  • Gem Pika
  • Psychic Pika
  • Ghost/Bomb Pika
  • Clone Pika
  • Poop Pika: Poops On Bad Guys


  • Small Swordman
  • Normal Swordman
  • Large Swordman
  • Helment Swordman
  • Swordwoman
  • Cat Swordman


  1. The First Deed
  2. Quick! Faster Cat!

Special. Smashing the Full Wars
Bonus. Golden Meats


  • Normal Pika (Says "Meow" or "Nyan")
  • Quicker Pika (More speed)
  • Fire Pika (Shoots fireballs)
  • Water Pika (Shoots water to create the sea everywhere)
  • Earth Pika (Throws mud or dirt)
  • Thunder/Lightning Pika (Crashes everything with lightning)
  • Light Pika (Burns everything with the sun)
  • Air Pika (Blows all of them with wind)
  • Snow/Ice Pika (Shoots snowballs)
  • Cookie Pika (Throws cookies and crashes all the swordmans)
  • Gem Pika (Throws any gemstone)
  • Psychic Pika (Jumps higher/lower to any swordman)
  • Ghost/Bomb Pika (Blows everything)
  • Clone Pika (Splits into three)
  • Poop Pika: Poops On Bad Guys

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