People are stuff that can be used the following types:

  • Characters - Characters are people that is role in stuff.
  • Members - Also known as Presenters (in children's shows) or Idols (in music bands), Members are people so that is Earth people and they live on Earth.
  • Enemies - Enemies are people that will attack or kill people to lose to game over or death.
  • Species - Also known as Mobs, Species are people that have more then one person or clones.
  • Bosses - Also known as Minibosses (when a boss has cloned), Bosses are people that will be the main villans or other villans in stuff.

And there are also have the other types:

  • Playable People - Playable People are players can be playing in games/video games.
  • Non-Playable People - Non-Playable People are non-players that can be a helper or other in games/video games.
  • Unlockable People - Unlockable People are players that is locked at the start and they must be unlocked in games/video games.
  • Special People - Special People are people that is limited or they did not appear in the main series or fanseries that means that can only appear in sequels.
  • Fighters - Fighters are players that can be appear in fighting games and battle series (such as card shows, magical girls, etc.).
  • Racers - Also known as Drivers, Racers are players that can appear in racing games and sports.
  • Lost People - Lost People are people that has losted with death, disqualifications, disappear or running away (ran away or ran off) in stuff.
  • Used People - Used People are people that have already taked by someone's stuff of something.

But this will be created by a creator in the following types:

  • Canon People - Canon People are people that appears from real, official stuff. You can go to Canon Characters, Canon Members, etc.
  • Fanon People - Fanon People are people that appears from fanmade, unofficial stuff. You can go to Fanon Characters, Fanon Members, etc.

But you can go to the category and click it.