Hello! Project vs. Nintendo is a game show and also is a upcoming TV show. It will be aired on 12 January, 2012 to TBA.


Pinga Bird and Pingu Bird was in the island. This is the order of the girls (from Hello! Project) and the others (from Nintendo) that arrived on the island.

Girls and the others was fighting againest Yuko and Mario. But Yuko and Mario wins.

This time, there will be no elimination, because they will only give torchs. But next they will spin the wheel and which game do will be?



  • Pinga Bird
  • Pingu Bird

Hello! ProjectEdit

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# Title Bio Aired
1 The Arrival of Hello! Project and Nintendo At the begining, the two hosts Pinga Bird and Pingu Bird has to say their name to come to the Pinga Bird Island (from Hello! Project to Nintendo). Then Yuko and Mario fights againest the Hello! Project and Nintendo. Finally, Yuko and Mario wins. 12 January, 2012
2 What the Move Pinga Bird is playing an iPhone while Pingu Bird is playing the music game. They will play "Dance and Freeze" with all the Hello! Project members and Nintendo characters. 21 January, 2012
3 Yoshi hates Boiled Potatos Yoshi don't like boiled potatos so they will play "Get the Boiled Potatos Cards" with all the Hello! Project members and Nintendo characters. They will give two teams, Yuko choose all the Hello! Project members so they called "J-Pop Team" and Mario choose all the Nintendo characters so they called "Video Game Team". 5 Feburary, 2012
4 Morning Musume vs. Super Mario: A Battle Yuko shouts and says "I don't like fighting, but I like singing" and Mario would fight so they will play "Singing Battle". 7 Feburary, 2012
5 The Bad Crash Risa would fight and chooses the Nintendo character, so she chose Birdo. They will play "The Crashing Band" and they will choose one of the Hello! Project songs and Nintendo songs. 26 Feburary, 2012
6 The Big Splash These Hello! Project members (wears swimming suit) and Nintendo characters (turn into a seal form that looks like Robby) are ready to make a big splash. They will play "Jump Off the Chiff". 3 March, 2012
7 The Bike Race Nono and Kirby was sleep and they wake up at 6:00am but Yurina and Marth says "Too early to wake up, please keep sleeping", then the Hello! Project members and Nintendo characters wake up at 7:00am. They will play "Bike Race". Later on, a Zombie came to ate our brains and bikes. 6 March, 2012
8 Ballet Dancer The girls from Hello! Project (wears pink ballet top, white leggings and pink tutu) and female characters from Nintendo (also wear the same as the girls wearing it) is doing ballet. They will play "Ballet Attack". 12 March, 2012
9 Karate Choppers These boys from Nintendo turn into a penguin form (looks like Pingu) and the girls from Hello! Project (wears karate top and karate bottoms) is doing karate. They will play "Karate Chop". After that, Blu came back to see us and 4 April, 2012
10 Sports on the Oval These girls from Hello! Project (wears sports shirt, sports shorts and sports shoes) and the others from Nintendo (turn into a cat form that looks like Tom or Hummy). They will play "Grand Sports" to choose one of the sports games. 11 April, 2012
11 The Board Dice Nono and Aibon is looking for a dice but Yoshi and Birdo also looking at the dice. They will play "Board Dash". 12 April, 2012
12 The Bad Snap Ayaka, Yuuka, Kanon F. and Saki O. is trying to play a card snap game with Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. They will play "Card Trap". Later on, Ice Bird smacks the girls and they say "No Rovio allowed!" and becomes angry, turn back into a hamster 20 April, 2012
13 TBA TBA 21 April, 2012



  • No "Pingu" characters will be appear but Pinga Bird and Pingu Bird became hosts in the game show.