1. Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires are in Hell (モンスター、幽霊や吸血鬼は地獄である Monsutā, yūrei ya kyūketsuki wa jigokudearu?) - When the monsters, ghosts and vampires are in Hell, the girls spends their life in jail.
  2. Help! They came out from Hell! (助けて!彼らは地獄から出てきました! Tasukete! Karera wa jigoku kara dete kimashita!?) - They come and see us to kill the prisoners.
  3. Ask Dr. Element for Help (ヘルプの博士要素を求める Herupu no hakase yōso o motomeru?) - Dr. Element came for some help to take the tools out and escape the prisoners to unlock locks.
  4. Some Girls Dies on Hell (いくつかの女の子は地獄で死ぬ Ikutsu ka no on'nanoko wa jigoku de shinu?) - Some girls was killed by enemies and others, yet, they went to Hell.
  5. Pinga, Marth and Roy Dies on Hell Too (ピンガ、マルスとロイはあまりにも地獄で死ぬ Pin ga, marusutoroi wa amarini mo jigoku de shinu?) - Pinga, Marth and Roy was killed by Wizpig, yet, they went to Hell too.
  6. Why do they Drink Blood? (なぜ彼らは血を飲むのですか? Naze karera wa chi o nomu nodesu ka??) - Some of them drink blood, cause it will kill too much.
  7. Monster Playtime (モンスタープレイ Monsutāpurei?) - Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires came out to play but Vampires is talking to Zombies.
  8. Yuk! I don't like Spider Eyes! (陸!私は蜘蛛の瞳が好きではありません! Riku! Watashi wa kumo no hitomi ga sukide wa arimasen!?) - Most of them don't like spider eyes, some of them ate it and get poisoned.
  9. Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires are back to Hell (モンスター、幽霊や吸血鬼は地獄に戻ってきた Monsutā, yūrei ya kyūketsuki wa jigoku ni modottekita?) - Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires leaved and came back to Hell.
  10. No more Nightmares and Death (これ以上の悪夢と死 Kore ijō no akumu to shi?) - The sun appears and some of the dead people/characters came to Heaven. There is no more nightmares or death.


  • All the girls of Hello! Project are in jail because there are prisoners.
  • Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires are came out from Hell.