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Blue Bird
Blue Birdy
Full Name: Blue Bird
Species: Bluebird
Gender: Male
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First Appearacne: Angry Birds
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Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Blue (feathers)
Size: Small

Blue Bird (ブルーバード Burūbādo?) is one of the birds in Angry Birds. He also appears in fanmade stuff.



Becoming AngryEdit

The pigs just stole the eggs, this time, the birds become angry.


Escaping the SwordmenEdit

Blue Bird just escaped the swordmen after his friends was there. Then everyone wants to stop the swordmen.

Meeting SomethingEdit

In the real game Angry Birds Rio, Blue Bird has been captured to Rio de Janerio and meets Blu and Jewel alongside with Red Bird and Yellow Bird. After they free the birds, Nigel wants to kill us.

In Angry Mileage vs. Bad Elexplorer, Blue Bird fell into Japan and meets Maeda Yuuka then become partners.

In Birdy Rainbow, Blue Bird falls and meets a Rainbow Bird, a new bird from the fanon Angry Birds games then they become best friends.

In Doki Blue Birdy, he met everyone and sees him then become friends.