Birds vs Pigs Time

The battle in a fake Angry Birds Seasons.

Characters and Voice ActorsEdit

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S/mileage Team (Good Guys/Birds/Angry Birds)Edit

  • Wada Ayaka as Red Bird
  • Maeda Yuuka as Blue Bird
  • Nakamishi Kana as Yellow Bird
  • Fukuda Kanon as Black Bird
  • Ogawa Saki as White Bird
  • Takeuchi Akari as Boomerang Bird
  • Katsuna Rina as Big Brother Bird
  • Tamura Meimi as Orange Bird

Elexpolorers Team (Bad Guys/Pigs/Bad Piggies)Edit

  • Elsword as Santa Pig

Episodes (Battles)Edit

  1. The Battle Begins

Winners (Birds or Pigs)Edit

  1. The Battle Begins - Birds

Special Tricks/PowersEdit

  • Ayaka - Nothing; says "Caw Caw" or "Gnaah" (Red Bird only).
  • Yuuka - Multiplies into 3, and each clone is bumped slightly up or down.
  • Kana - Gains more speed (its speed becomes equal to a certain speed, no matter what speed it was moving before) and makes a more of a high pitched sound than before.
  • Kanon - Able to explode in mid-air or on impact.
  • Saki - Drops an egg which then explodes (White Bird only). The bird itself becomes shriveled and is propelled fast upwards and to the right. The body still collides and can be used as a powerful Red Bird.
  • Akari - Opens its beak to fly the opposite way than it was heading, maintaining the same speed and vertical direction (Bommerang Bird only).
  • Rina - Same effects as the Red Bird (Big Brother Bird only). (Exeptions: Moans, and breaks through anything except ground.)
  • Meimi - Expands to huge size, like a balloon. After impact, it deflates (Orange Bird only).


  • Most of the birds and pigs gave a S/mileage trans and Elsword trans except for Blu, Jewel, Mighty Eagle and Mighty Dragon who wants to mixed trans. Fuyuka doesn't have a Angry Bird tran as well.